Opera and GStreamer

Some versions of Opera use the GStreamer multimedia framework and include binaries of GStreamer libraries and plugins on certain platforms. As noted in opera:about for those builds, the modified source code needed to build the binaries is made available on this page.

Getting source code using Git

To get the top-level repository using Git, type git clone git://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/gst-opera.git or git clone http://sourcecode.opera.com/gstreamer/gst-opera.git followed by cd gst-opera To get a specific version of the source, type git checkout tag where tag is documented below.
Finally, get the submodules by typing git submodule update --init Further documentation is available in the repository itself.


Opera versionGit tag
10.50 pre-alphaEvenesNewYears
10.50 betaEvenesBeta
10.54 WebM labsEvenesLabsWebM

Upstream repositories

The submodules are based on the upstream Git repositories from GLib and GStreamer. Packages from Xiph.org are not maintained using Git upstream and are therefore tracked manually.


In recognition of the hard work that has gone into producing GLib, GStreamer, libogg, libvorbis, libtheora and libvpx, Opera Software would like to thank their developers and maintainers. Please accept our patches :)

This page is maintained by Philip Jägenstedt.